East Sussex
£15.00 and £16.00 Gross per Hour

TN6 | Complex Care Support Worker

Ref: 2015| Posted: 7th Sep 2021

Complex Care Support Worker
Location: Rotherfield TN6, currently located in TN3 until Early 2022 
Wage: £15.00 Weekdays | £16.00 Weekends | Gross per Hour 
Driver Essential? Yes
Essential: Complex care and medical needs experience, excellent communicator
Days & Hours: Offering 34 hours on average per week (2 positions available) 
Family/Client Pets: Yes, dog, cat’s guinea pigs, and chickens
Recruiter: Jade@snapcare.co.uk

About this client/child:
Sam is 7 years old and lives at home with his Mummy, Daddy, Sister, and young Brother. Sam enjoys storytime, listening to music, feeding the guinea pigs, spending time with his siblings and he loves going to school.  Sam loves David Attenborough documentaries and learning about all sorts of animals. He also enjoys using IT, such as eye gaze to play games.  Sam works hard to communicate with his Support Worker and family and he has a lot to say, he communicates using a variety of methods and will tell you off if you speak about him without giving permission or if you forget to ask him something! He has a good sense of humour and wants to be included in everything. The family is relocating early next year to Rotherfield, so are ideally looking for a Complex Care Support Worker in this area or willing to travel to their new home.

Sam has significant complex medical and care needs and is totally dependent on others to meet his needs. Sam has cerebral palsy, a gastrostomy PEG for all nutrients, fluids, and medication. He is a wheelchair user, is non-verbal and requires catherisation, suctioning and a nebulizer.

Overview of role:
Sam requires an experienced and intuitive Complex Care Support Worker who support him to be part of everything and understand the need to ensure that Sam is listened to. The Complex Care Support Worker will provide assistance with all daily tasks and all aspects of his care and therapy plan. The role involves engaging Sam in play and communication activities as well as administering medication, manual handling, repositioning, feeding, personal care, implementing therapy programmes and close monitoring and supervision. It is essential that you strike a balance between the complex care side of Sam’s needs with enabling him to access the world around him, participate in family life, activities and explore new interests.

We are looking for 2 Support Workers to join Sam’s team. 

Support Worker 1: Tuesday to Friday 2.00pm - 7.30pm and Saturday: 7.30am - 5.30pm | School holidays: Same days: 7.30am - 5.30pm 
The annual salary for Support Worker 1: £26,900.00 + Gross per Annum. Additional hours worked are paid at the hourly rate.  
Support Worker 2: Tuesday to Friday: 2.30pm - 8.00pm and Saturday: 9.30am - 7.30pm | School holidays: Same days: 9.30am - 7.30pm 
The annual salary for Support Worker 2: £28,000.00 + Gross per Annum. Additional hours worked are paid at the hourly rate. 

Who this job would suit:
A sensitive, caring, and insightful Support Worker with an excellent understanding of non-verbal communication. Due to the family living in a remote location, it is essential that you are a driver with your own car and confident driving an adapted, automatic vehicle on duty. 

What’s great about this job:
Sam and his family are well known to Snap and we have worked with him since he was 18 months old! You will receive excellent training to a high standard and have ongoing support from Sam’s case manager.

Who is recruiting for this position?
We are working in association with a case manager on this vacancy; they will be carrying out all recruitment, including shortlisting and interviewing. By applying for this vacancy, you agree to Snap Care sending your CV and contact details directly to our client for their consideration.